The Grey Ladies

Filmed at Nine Stones Close, a stone circle on Harthill Moor in Derbyshire. An interweaving of poetry and musical improvisations, the duo The Ciderhouse Rebellion becomes a trio, joined by Adam’s daughter, poet Jessie Summerhayes – collectively, they are Words Of A Fiddler’s Daughter.

There is an idea that the nine in the name is actually a distortion of the word noon – and that fairies used to meet there to dance at noon. Only four stones remain of what once was a 45-foot circle of stones.

The stones are the tallest in Derbyshire, ranging from 1.2m (4 feet) to 2.1m (7 feet) in height, this tallest being located at the southern end of the circle. It’s a special place for poet Jessie Summerhayes.

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