Words of a Fiddler’s Daughter see The Ciderhouse Rebellion duo (Adam Summerhayes and Murray Grainger) joined by Adam’s daughter, the wordsmith Jessie Summerhayes.

What they collectively create is best described as an immersive and cinematic collection of folk-tone-poems, woven between and around spontaneously created music.

Jessie’s words are steeped in the same history and folklore that flows through the music of her father, inhabiting the protagonists and landscape of her beloved North East of England with her fresh and timeless voice.  Murray and Adam specialise in creating improvised music within the moment, so each performance is uniquely magical.

Their first recording (Runian) built upon the foundations of The Ciderhouse Rebellion’s previous work, but with the added intimacy and connection of the human voice.

Their second album Ironstone Tales (part of a wider, Arts Council funded project about the landscape and industrial history of Rosedale Valley, North York Moors) will be released July 1st 2022.

They were recently the subject of a Folk on Foot episode; Listen to the podcast HERE. 

Jessie has also performed her poetry on BBC Radio 4’s Power Lines.

Runian has been released on CD, digital download and as a book. Listen to it HERE  Buy it HERE.

Latest release The Tears of Jenny Greenteeth – a collaboration with Ballet Folk HERE

“A meaningful call to action in our troubled times delivered through an ancient story and a notable array of musical and literary talent.” Bright Young Folk

“The edge of the seat excitement is tangible, the fiddle, accordion and voice working in symbiotic rapture” – Northern Sky

“Mesmerising and hypnotic” – Song Lines